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Additional Probate Matters

The Law Office of Amber L. Niese, LLC has experience in all other legal matters in the Ohio Probate Courts, including, but not limited to, the following: 



The legal process whereby the Probate Court appoints and oversees a “legal guardian” to make either healthcare/residential and/or financial decisions for another person known as the “ward,” who is either an incompetent adult or a minor child. 


The legal process whereby a competent adult with physical infirmities voluntarily asks the Probate Court to appoint another person (known as the “conservator”) to make decisions subject to the Probate Court’s oversight and supervision. 


The legal process whereby the parental rights of a parent are legally transferred to an adoptive parent, who is then legally recognized as the parent for purposes of support and domestic relations/juvenile/probate/estate laws. 

Name changes

When a client wishes to begin using a new name or to ratify a name already in use or seeks to change the name of a minor child so long as the change is done in good faith and not for a fraudulent purpose.

trust administration

When a person is named the trustee of a trust created by the Last Will & Testament of a deceased individual, that trustee is subject to the Probate Court’s oversight and supervision and required to file periodic accountings with the Probate Court. 

Wrongful death estate

When a person dies as the result of the tortuous actions of another (i.e. car accident, medical malpractice, asbestos exposure, ect.), a fiduciary for the decedent’s estate is required to be appointed in order to file suit, and the Probate Court must approve any settlements received in the separate suit. 

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