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Estate/Trust Administration

When you lose a loved one, the Law Office of Amber L. Niese, LLC is here to promptly answer your questions and compassionately help you navigate through the process of administering a loved one’s affairs. The Law Office of Amber L. Niese, LLC provides representation to fiduciaries (i.e. the estate administrator/executor and trustees) and beneficiaries/heirs regardless of whether Amber previously prepared the documents or if they were prepared by another attorney.

Amber will review your loved one’s assets, debts, relevant estate planning documents, if any, and circumstances to determine whether a probate administration is necessary. She can also provide guidance, advice, or assistance for the preparation of any necessary estate tax and 1041 fiduciary income tax returns resulting from the death of a loved one. 

In general, “probate assets” are assets owned in your loved one’s name that have no beneficiary or survivorship designations and require the appointment of a fiduciary and court involvement to transfer the assets. A probate administration could also be required in order to pursue any wrongful death or survival claims and litigation on behalf of your loved one if he or she died as a result of a personal injury or the negligence of another. If a probate administration is necessary, Amber will thoroughly communicate the process and timeline involved and be responsive to your concerns. If no probate administration is needed for an asset, Amber will assist you with updating any necessary real estate instruments and give you detailed verbal and written instructions on how you may simply transfer the non-probate assets to the designated beneficiaries on your own to save expenses. 

If your loved one died leaving any type of trust, Amber can also assist you with the complexities of administering trust assets. While every trust is different, the trustee should always seek out guidance and advice in complying with the trust terms/avoiding liability, document preparation, and finalizing a trust at the end of its administration. 

The Law Office of Amber L. Niese, LLC would be honored to assist you with handling the final affairs of your loved one. After you contact the office to schedule an appointment, you will receive a comprehensive checklist/questionnaire that will aid you with gathering some of the information needed to administer your loved one’s affairs prior to your initial appointment.