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Business Matters

Coming from a family of small business owners and farmers, Amber understands and can help you navigate your business needs and affairs during its formation, operation, and changes over time. Amber can explain and prepare the necessary documents to make sure your business entity is compliant the formalities of the law for your particular entity. The Law Office of Amber L. Niese, LLC can assist business owners with:

  • Business entity selection and formation (i.e. limited liability companies (LLC’s); partnerships, corporations, non-profits); 

  • The creation of and amendments to a business entity’s governing documents (i.e. operating agreements/bylaws/agreements);

  • Coordinating your business entity’s governing documents with your estate planning documents; 

  • Preparing necessary leases for real and personal property; 

  • Dissolutions for business; and 

  • UCC filings and collection matters against the debtors of a business. 

Contact the Law Office of Amber L. Niese, LLC today for assistance with your business matters.